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7-Phase Deep Cleaning

The 7-Phase Deep Cleaning is a relaxing procedure that removes dead cells and impurities from the skin. It also offers quick changes without the need of recovery time.

It is ideal to keep your skin’s health and aspect in all social events or whenever you need it. It also has good results when fighting scars caused by acne, spots and expression lines.

The 7-Phase Deep Cleaning combines deep cleaning, revitalizing, antioxidant and comedo extraction (blackheads) therapies, among other benefits thanks to the most advanced medical technology that achieves instantaneous and long-term results.

During the procedure at PielClinic, the dermatologist selects specific active ingredients and combines them according to the conditions and needs of the skin of each patient (acne, spots, expression lines)..


Expression lines – Prevention and Treatment

Expression lines are one of the visible signs of epidermal decay and they are accentuated by hereditary factors, solar radiation, dehydration, bad diets, alcohol, tobacco and other substances..

At PielClinic we specialize in the prevention and treatment of dynamic (visible with gesticulation) and static (visible without gesticulation) expression lines, as well as of deep lines or wrinkles. There is a wide variety of dermatological treatments and procedures that reflect, through subtle and gradual changes, a fresh and natural aspect in the face of each person, either through prevention or facial renewal..

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Revitalizing Treatment

This treatment nourishes and moisturizes intensively, repairing the damage caused by aging in the face, neck, neckline and the backs of the hands. It is composed of an exclusive formula of 54 nutritional elements such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, among other ingredients, in a solution of chemical agents.

Se aplica a través de micro-inyecciones en la dermis para introducir pequeñas dosis del complejo revitalizante en las zonas que se desean nutrir: rostro, cuello, escote y/o dorso de las manos.

It is applied through micro-injections in the dermis to introduce small doses of the revitalizing complex in the areas to nourish: face, neck, neckline and/or backs of the hands.

Los efectos comienzan a observarse a las 48hrs de realizar la primera sesión, por ello resulta ideal para bodas, cumpleaños, aniversarios y otros eventos, así como para profesionales con prioridad en su imagen como modelos o figuras públicas.

The mixture of active substances stimulates the cell regeneration process and the production of collagen and elastin fibers, which results in a significant decrease of sharp expression lines, more elasticity, density and firmness, and a more uniform and luminous texture.

Treatments for expression lines and wrinkles.

There are several types of injectable filler treatment for reducing expression lines that do not require surgical intervention. It is important to consult a certified dermatologist to get the best diagnostic according to each patient, as well as the procedure that is most convenient for each case.

Among other applications, this type of treatments may be used to decrease hyperdynamic facial lines, i.e. dynamic wrinkles formed by the activity of muscles in facial gesticulation and that, in early stages, are only visible when the face moves. In such cases, it is directly applied to the muscle that creates the wrinkle, causing its temporary relaxation and giving the face a softer, fresher and nicer appearance.

Other treatments use organic substances that keep the skin naturally moisturized, but disappear through time. By being directly applied, it vanishes the wrinkles that appear commonly between the nose and the mouth or between the eyebrows, defines facial contour (cheekbones, nose, chin and other areas), models and gives volume to the lips, among other benefits. Treatments are adapted to the need of each patient and have visible results with a natural effect. It is applied in a quick and simple manner that has long-term, but not permanent, effects, giving the freedom to continue with it or to improve its results. It is applied twice a year and does not require a recovery period.


Lip Volume and Face Symmetry

The most important thing for the face is to achieve harmony with a natural appearance and one of the main aspects is symmetry and proportion between the volume of lips and the rest of the facial features.

The symmetric ratio regarding volume between the upper and the lower lip must be of 1/5 part greater in volume than the upper lip or 2/3 in relation to 1/3 of the upper lip. That is why a certified dermatologist must guide this procedure, so as to not generate an artificial or asymmetric appearance.

It is possible to increase the lip volume with a natural aspect through the application of injectable treatments that can also be used in the cheekbones, nose and other areas that need volume.

Aumento de labios, procedimiento efectivo y duradero


Innovating laser technologies

It is possible to use different laser techniques that improve the appearance of the skin by stimulating the generation of new cells that will replace old-looking skin and skin that has been damaged by light, without depriving the patient from carrying on with their daily activities. Depending on each technique, thousands of micro-perforations are made in the treated skin which work as microscopic thermal channels that are the starting point for the scar healing process.

The tissue surrounding the treated spots was maintained intact, which is what stimulates and accelerates the natural repairing process, producing new collagen and elastin fibers. The result is then a younger-appearing skin and a visible decrease of the expression lines and the pigmentation (spots originated by photodamage).

There is also a new series of pulsed light that offers the advantages of a pulsed dye laser with the favorable results of facial toning and softening in a more comfortable way and avoiding any kind of complication. By combining the right amount of thermal relaxation, it can be efficient even for patients with more sensitive skin that are looking for a non-aggressive treatment.


Another type of laser technologies promotes fractional rejuvenation as an alternative to remodel the skin and activate its regeneration in a minimally invasive way for the patient.

This treatment provokes a controlled scar in the dermis, without damaging the epidermis, which is the superficial layer of the skin. This way, under the intact epidermis, a healing process of the damaged dermis and skin remodeling start to take place.
Even though it varies from one patient to the other, patients can generally continue with their daily life after the treatment. It is painless and does not cause discomfort. In average, it is required to apply between 4 and 6 sessions to see an optimum result.


Facial Radiofrequency

As we get older, we perceive more the effects of gravity, sun exposure and stress in our skin. Creases appear between the nose and the mouth, the chin line starts to hang and there may be the appearance of a double chin, fat deposits are created and there are creases in the neck and other areas of the body.

This procedure gradually heats the dermal and subdermal tissue to strengthen and remodel both superficially and volumetrically.

Collagen fibers contract and multiply, which reaffirms and improves laxity. Connective tissue contracts to improve skin’s contour, texture and architecture.

Circulation improves and the fluids retained in the adipose tissue are drained, thus reducing edemas and overall volume.

Without the need of surgery or invasive treatments, results last 6 months after the procedure.

This is a relaxing and pleasant procedure that has visible results right from the first session.

Body Radiofrequency

Remodeling technology for body, face and flaccidity,
painless alternative to surgeries with proven results.

Its action stimulates and strengthens collagen while the flaccid skin is reaffirmed. The accumulated fatty tissue (commonly called love handles) is notably reduced.

This technology incorporates Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF), with Therapeutic Ultrasound (US) and Cooling System simultaneously, obtaining::

  • Stimulation and reinforcement of the collagen network
  • Dermis rejuvenation
  • Strengthening and tension in flaccid skin
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Ask a Certified Dermatologist at PielClinic for help to determine the ideal renewal treatment against expression lines



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