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Dermatólogos Certíficados en Ciudad de México D.F.

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7-Phase Deep Cleaning

Facial and/or body relaxing procedure that removes dead cells and impurities from the skin (blackheads, pimples, comedones, among others). It causes changes without the need of a recovery period.

It maintains and improves skin health and aspect. It is also used as an adjuvant in lesions caused by acne, spots and expression lines.

It combines therapies of deep cleaning, revitalizing, antioxidant, comedo removal (blackheads and dark spots), among others, by using advanced medical technology to achieve long-term results.

During the procedure, the physician selects specific active ingredients and combines them according to the conditions and needs of the skin of each patient: acne, spots, expression lines, antioxidants, moisturizers, among others.

Los proteoglicanos son proteínas que se encuentran en nuestra piel, proteínas que restauran las células de la piel responsables de dar turgencia, estabilidad y elasticidad. Stages of the procedure:

  • SUPERFICIAL PEELING: It softens impurities and grease without causing irritation.
  • EXTRACTION: Painless removal of pimples, imperfections, blackheads and whiteheads.
  • MOISTURIZING: Application of antioxidants, active ingredients for treatments that prevent acne, spots and expression lines, and grease regulators depending on the protocol for the patient.
  • LED THERAPY: LED light panels that inhibit bacteria that cause pimples and acne. They regulate grease production and cell regeneration.
  • PROTEOGLYCANS: Proteins with and immediate effect of luminosity and glossiness with long-term moisturizing, reaffirming, antioxidant and repairing effects
  • PROTECTION: Sunscreen (moisturizing).

Hollywood Peel + Liposomes

Innovating dermoesthetic protocol that offers the benefits of other more aggressive procedures without discomfort or the need of a recovery period. It provides a subtle photothermal stimulation in the dermis and epidermis, while exfoliating the external layer of the skin. Thanks to its results and safety it has gained popularity among the acting and modelling spheres, thus the name. It is also known as Spectra Peel because of the cutting-edge technology that it uses. At PielClinic, we designed a 5-phase protocol that supplements and boosts the results.

Hollywood peel + Liposomes / See more information

5-Phase Eyes Total Care

Perk Eyes is a unique hybrid system with a technology that softly removes dead cells and impurities from the skin, while the skin absorbs antioxidants. While removing what is not useful anymore, it provides the nutrients required to the newest layers so that they look revitalized, decongested and have the elements they need to look radiant.

5-Phase Eyes Total Care / See more information

5-Phase Blossom Lips

Rediscover your lips. We offer moisturized, soft and perfectly defined lips by applying a comprehensive treatment: 5-Phase Blossom Lips.
Lips are the first ones to suffer the damage resulting from the lack of moisturizer or from weather conditions. The skin in this area is very delicate and needs special cares. Even when we use sunscreen, oftentimes we oversee this part of our face, focusing on wrinkles or the rejuvenation of the skin. Moisturized lips can give us a new and fresh look, while we give a very sensitive and often-neglected area of our face what it needs. With Perk, a cutting-edge treatment in the market of cosmetology, lips can be treated in a precise way since they receive the nutrients that this sensitive area of the face needs. It is vital to offer our lips special care to give them back their elasticity, shape and definition, just as we do with the outline of our eyes. To begin with, this comprehensive procedure includes diamond microdermabrasion or Lumifacial, which removes dead cells. Then comes the new unique treatment in Mexico, called Perk Lips, which provides the perfect balance between moisturizing and exfoliation for this sensitive area, to then move on to the Peel Off mask and the Proteoglycans, which provide the required elasticity as final touch.
After this treatment, and since we worked with a sensitive area, adequate sun protection is applied to give full protection to our lips. We finish with the take-home treatment, which consists of a Lip Revitalizing Serum that shall be applied day and night to keep lips moisturized and continue with the sun protection once you leave the office.

Microdermabrasion: Skin Cleaning and Polishing

It consists of skin polishing and mechanic purification of the most superficial layer of the skin through a tip. The procedure does not cause discomfort and it is recommended to apply it every two to four weeks. It is a supplementary treatment for acne, spots and scars that is also used for the comprehensive maintenance of the skin since it uniformly removes dead cells that have been harmed by sunlight and pollution, thus promoting cell regeneration at the collagen level and improving, both, the aspect and the quality of skin.

Treatment for Open Pores


Lumifacial is a method that uses electroluminescent diodes, which emit luminous energy that penetrates the skin to activate its repairing and stimulate deep tissues.
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Unisex Plastic Masks

We use peel-off dermatologic masks imported from Europe. They provide turgor to the skin, shaping the facial contour, reinforcing the protection that facial and neck skin provides with a moisturizing effect, avoiding water retention, and reducing the bags under the eyes. When temperature is decreased, these masks produce muscular contraction, the way muscular gymnastics would do, causing reaffirming, moisturizing and relaxing visible effects.

Dermatological Peeling


  • It contains Vitamin C, which provides protective action against free radicals and avoids oxidative stress.
  • Moisturizing active ingredient that has a natural effect on skin by attracting water towards the corneal layer of the skin, while also improving the barrier function of the skin.
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Wear and Tear and Medium Cell Damage

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, Ferulic Peeling protects skin from the harm caused by free radicals since it inhibits and neutralizes their action. Likewise, it boosts the effect of Vitamins C and E. It controls the activity of tyrosinase, avoiding pigmentation and clearing the one that the patient may already have.

Dark circles and under-eye bags

This Peeling has antioxidant properties derived from the hydrolysis of bitter almond and it has the ability to favorably activate skin moisturizing and softness and, when combined with arginine and retinol, it has exfoliation properties.
It activates cell replacement, improves skin firmness and diminishes hyperpigmentation by clearing under-eye bags and promoting lymphatic drainage in the lower eyelids (bags).

Moderate Inflammatory Acne

It contains keratolytic and comedolytic properties apart from anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and astringent properties, among others. When combined with other protein components, it magnifies the anti-inflammatory effects and we promote it with the Jessner formula, which produces deeper flaking and exfoliation.

Other Services


Tattoos are made by injecting color pigments in small holes made in the skin. Independently from the experience and knowledge of the person who does it, marks or tattoos are relatively permanent.

During the treatment, laser pulsations are directed to the tattoo to decompose the pigments. During the following weeks, the macrophages of the body eliminate the pigmented areas that were treated. Normally, it is required to apply more than one session to see the results.
Sessions depend on the size, ink color and location of the tattoo. The time between each session goes from 4 to 8 weeks.

Nail Health and Quality

Nails can present different alterations in their aspect and health as a result of age, contact with aggressive substances, traumatism, manicure, among other factors.

At PielClinic we fully care about our patients. If nails are fragile, have stretch marks, cracks, spots or slow growth, we have therapeutic options with polish or varnish. These treatments will help nails grow up to 15% faster and improve fragility 90%, which results in healthy nails without stretch marks or spots, but also resistant to dry, cold or hot weather, to detergents and to polishes.

Ask one of our specialists for the treatment.

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Ask one of our Certified Dermatologists for help to determine the ideal treatment for your skin health and care..

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