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Dermatólogos Certíficados en Ciudad de México D.F.

Digital Body Check Up _

  • Peso Current Weight and Height
  • Body fat weight body mass
  • Soft tissue body composition
  • Body water
  • Protein (muscles)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body composition
  • Abdominal analysis: abdominal visceral fat and abdominal measurements
  • Basal energy metabolism
  • Biological age vs Real age
  • Impedance analysis
  • Lean body mass, muscle mass (arms, legs, trunk of the body)
  • Data analysis for further treatments (comparison)
  • Eating plan under medical supervision
  check up digital de cuerpo e índice de masa corporal

A certified dermatologist will help you with your assessment, and will answer all your inquiries about the procedure.

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