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Calluses and blisters, how to treat them

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Líneas de expresión por el ejercicio: causas, prevención y tratamientos
Eyes Total Care 5 fases, nuevo tratamiento en México
Eyes Total Care 5 fases, nuevo tratamiento en México

Part of weight training or having a regular gym routine or doing CrossFit can form calluses and blisters on our hands.

The causes may include not using the right protection, moisture, and heat. Blisters are uncomfortable and may cause burning, lesions and even infections if we don’t get the right treatment.

What can we do to avoid blisters, calluses and skin lesions?

We have some recommendations so you avoid this work out related skin problems:

  • We recommend the use of some protection, such as gloves, kneepads, elbow pads, etc.
  • Use chalk on your hands before grabbing the bar.
  • Use grips to avoid skin and metal friction.
  • Stay hydrated so your skin is not dry.
  • Always use sunscreen.


But, what to do if you already got skin lesions…

When you already have skin lesions, the best advice is to visit your dermatologist for assessment. The specialist may apply occlusive dressing to protect and cure the lesion.

In the case of blisters the suggestion is to drain it but it can get infected, it’s important to not remove all the skin but if we don’t have sterile material it can be a bad choice.

We strongly recommend avoiding house remedies, since simple lesions can get infected without the dermatologist input.

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