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Kabah: after a severe accident in Tulum

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Apio Quijano, Kabah band member, is still recovering from the accident.

Mexico’s pop band Kabah members where filming their new single “Forever” in Tulum, Quintana Roo. But while filming they suffered an accident in a fishing boat. Federica, Apio Quijano and Daniela Magun suffered minor injuries.
But Apio Quijano was the one that had an important injury in his left cheekbone. After medical attention now Apio is receiving an special treatment in PielClinic so it won’t leave a scar.

Kabah was a popular band in the 90’s and now they have returned but Apio is still getting skin treatments. First we have to regain skin elasticity on the cheekbone area, to prevent any more damage and reduce the pigmentation.

“With Candela laser we can work directly with blood vessels to avoid a bumpy scar and to reduce swelling. It’s a high technology that can work on an specific area it is useful for acne scars, red patches, spots, and other skin conditions. Apio is getting good results with it.” Says Dra. Rosa López González, dermatoligst.

“Also we could work with ablative lasers since it can penetrate deep and can distribute collagen cells better so skin starts regeneration. We can also offer mother cells treatment to improve skin texture and elasticity. “

When we suffer an accident what we need to do first is to clean the injury and then let it open, do not cover it. When a piece of skin is loose as Apio’s, we need a dermatologist to assess it and get a good topical treatment and sun protection.

During the recovering time is also important to have medical supervision and the technology to eliminate any aftermath.

Always get a certified dermatologist opinion if you suffer a skin injury.

Only a dermatologist can recommend the best laser treatment according to your needs.

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