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Acné y Cicatrices

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7-Phase Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a relaxing 7-phase procedure that removes dead cells and impurities from the skin. It is ideal to maintain the skin’s health and aspect in all social events or whenever you need it.

It combines deep cleaning, revitalizing, antioxidant and comedo extraction (blackheads and pimples) therapies, among other benefits thanks to the most advanced medical technology that achieves instantaneous and long-term results.

It also has good results when fighting the lesions caused by acne, spots and lines of expression.

During the procedure at PielClinic, the dermatologist selects specific active ingredients and combines them according to the conditions and needs of the skin of each patient (acne, spots, expression lines).

It is required to schedule a valuation appointment with a dermatologist.

Coadjuvant to acne treatments through the application of seboregulating active ingredients, removal of comedoes (pimples) and blackheads. The specialist shall indicate the type of acne and the period during which the procedure shall be applied in order to obtain the best results.


Acne and Scars

PielClinic specializes in dermatology and is a leader in the treatment against acne, both in the inflammatory (pimples and blackheads) and the scar stages.
We use clinically-trialed medications and we supplement them with local treatments and cutting-edge technology, all under medical supervision.

Certain patients need to use an oral and local treatment, apart from requiring laboratory studies, before beginning the treatment in order to verify whether they are candidates for the medication. The advantages of a comprehensive treatment applied in a specialized clinic can be observed with the results obtained.



It consists of the cleaning and polishing of the most superficial layer of the skin, removing dead cells, impurities, superficial lesions and open pores. The procedure can be applied every two to four weeks, depending on the type of skin of each patient since it promotes cell regeneration, maintaining a unified texture and softness in the skin.


Comedo Removal (pimples and blackheads)

With the aid of a sterile lancet, the specialist removes the keratin plug of comedoes and pimples. Then, with a specific material they remove them safely, counteracting the probability of infection and sequels.


We have blue light technology that destructs the bacteria that causes acne, while it also regulates the sebaceous gland.


As per acne sequels, we have scars that can be atrophic, ice pick or hypertrophic and post-inflammatory spots. We have the highest laser technology, approved by the Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS, because of its initials in Spanish), to treat these complications.



Laser Scar Removal

The treatment consists in creating thousands of micro-perforations in the treated skin, which work as microscopic thermal channels that are the starting point for the scar healing process. On the other hand, the tissue surrounding the treated spots is maintained intact so it stimulates and accelerates the natural repairing process by producing new collagen and elastin fibers and decreasing the spots caused by photodamage.

We have two types of technology that are different in intensity and results. Yet, they can be combined depending the type of skin of the patient and the instructions from the specialist. It is necessary to take a break from sunlight between 5 and 10 days.

Peeling for Inflammatory Lesions

Peeling for inflammatory lesions with salicylic acid, combined with kojic, lactic and citric acids, which boost the anti-inflammatory effects and are supplemented with a special formula to provide a deeper flaking.


Deep Moisturizing Peeling

Deep moisturizing peeling contains Vitamin C, which has a protective action from free radicals, thus avoiding oxidative damage, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, inhibits melanogenesis (spots) and contains acids that act as natural moisturizers on the skin by attracting water towards the corneal layer of the skin. Apart from that, it improves the barrier function of the skin.


This procedure does not require anesthesia, lasts approximately 20 minutes and is performed under medical supervision inside the clinic. It stimulates collagen production and the penetration of the active ingredients to other layers of the dermis. The protocol changes according to each patient. It is applied in 4 to 6 sessions, one per month.

Application of Scar Treatments

Under a previous valuation from a specialist, an injectable solution is applied deep into the area with most scars, which helps to provide moisture, giving a better texture to the skin. It is important that the patient continues with the external treatment and the application of sunscreen to maintain the quality and improvements on the skin that may have already been achieved, as well as to avoid relapses.

A Certified Dermatologist at PielClinic will help you determine the ideal treatment to counteract acne and scars.